Magdalitha means Tower of Feminine Strength.

It is through your Feminine Strengths that you can:

  • Discern the Truth in a sea of disinformation and conflicting messages,
  • Align yourself confidently on the side of Good, Life, Love, The Divine, and
  • Take Right Action on behalf of Good, Life, Love, The Divine, according to your values and priorities. And calling.

So, everything I write about and offer here will be to develop one of those three principles. Everything.

Discern – Align – Take Right Action.

Now, both men and women have feminine strengths, but whether they’re used or not, is another question. I show you how to uncover them and work with them so that they become first nature, not second nature. Especially if you’re a woman.

While the process itself is rather straightforward, this is not an easy or fast journey.  Think of it as a major decluttering, not of your home, but of your mind and your heart. There will be a lot of decisions – many that are uncomfortable and scary – that you will want to make.

It is a deep core journey, that takes you right into your Soul, your reason for living, your true nature, the nature of the universe and the nature of humanity, the nature of the Divine. You are invited to explore the very heart of Feminine Essence.

Which brings us back to Magdalitha.

Why Magdalitha? Obviously named after Mary Magdalene, who still today remains a potent symbol of the layers of disinformation and hidden power of the feminine, yet whose powerful truth continues to shine through. There was a reason she was the Beloved Disciple, the feminine counterpart to the Christos.

Mary Magdalene was NOT from a town called Magdala on Lake Genneserat. The purported town was not even called Magdala at the time. Migdala is an Aramaic word meaning Tower or Fortress. And the Aramaic writings put the suffix tha at the end, signifying a feminine gender. And the Aramaic word for Lord or Great was Mar. Hence the appellations of Mariam and Mary.  Many modern scholars are now thinking that Mary of Magdalene, or Mary Magdalene was not so much a name, but rather a title.

This particular woman, the Beloved Disciple of Jesus Christ, was being acknowledged as a Great Tower of Feminine Strength.

This new understanding of Mariam Magdalitha has incredible relevance to what is happening in our world today, and how we, as women, can imbue ourselves with this energetic template in order to come fully into ourselves, so that the world can come fully into itself.

The Magdalitha Mystic Ministry is not so much asking you to believe in anything, but rather about asking you to BECOME something, namely, becoming your own Tower of Feminine Strength, and helping others to become the same.

That is, to be a fully conscious, fully empowered female human being, taking responsibility for your inner world and what you do and say in the outer world.

And yes, to achieve this, we will going deep, deep, deep, to the very core of our being, and even to our place in the cosmos, by taking this journey in a mystical, Christ-centred context, as did Mary Magdalene. Because women are deep and mystical by their essential nature.

We will also be going into the mysteries on how to correct the deliberate disempowerment and trivialisation of the Feminine by the Church and by society. Jesus Christ radiated Feminine wisdom, and many early followers were overwhelmingly women because they resonated with his teachings.

At the very least, you will be confidently centred in your female being. Or you may choose to be an unswervable Sacred Activist or a Birther of a new Matrix on the planet which leaves a lasting healing, nourishing legacy for generations to come.

You are requested to be open minded, and to be prepared to have your beliefs and presumptions challenged, in the pursuit of Core Truth. You will be strengthening your discernment and deep inner listening. This is a Sacred Journey, one that frequently dips into the mundane world.

Here is where I’d like you to start. I’ve created a free book that you can download without any fussy sign up. I hope you find it enlightening.

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